The Not So Great Escape


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 5/6/2017

HC-36 "The Not-So-Great Escape"

60 Minutes Directed by Jon Woods

Lovely Jennifer Aite is trying to learn how to be an escape artist through a mail-order course. Her roommate (buxom Cleo Nichole) helps her practice, but taunts her when Jennifer is unable to complete the trick. Yet Cleo is secretly a bondage fan, and is discovered by her roommate when she borrows the aspiring magician's ropes for a self-tying session. Jennifer persists in her practice, but runs into trouble when pages of the next lesson are missing! Then the wannabe-escape artist's abilities are unexpectedly put to the test when a burglar leaves Cleo and Jennifer bound and gagged after a robbery. Will Jennifer's talents come through in a strict elbows-together tie? (Don't bet on it!) The 40-minutes story is followed by sizzling vignettes of sexy Jackie Flowers.

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