The Script


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 5/2/2017

"The Script"


70 Minutes

starring Amber Michaels, Angelique Lei, Tanya Danielle with Ryan Connor

Angelique and Amber are actresses who find themselves at the mercy of the director and unusual script: both are tied up in the dressing room (hose and heels), Amber hopping to find help; Amber tied on sofa; both tied back-to-back, topless; Angelique (in lingerie) is taped and gagged by Amber; and Amber is hogtied. Then Tanya, the entertainment reporter, arrives on set—and is made to "audition" for the director—and gets into a couple of binds herself. The real screenwriter, Ryan, is tied and shackled to a sofa (topless and barefoot), and we discover what happened to the real director....

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