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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 5/14/2017

EE-11 75 Minutes Hard-boiled troublemaker Cindy Ashton
escaped during EE-10. Now she returns in EE- 11 to bind and harass Erin Kay, the sweet young wife of her shady boyfriend. But Erin’s not as meek as she seems, and takes delight in toying with a stripped-down Cindy when she gets the upper hand. Unfortunately for Erin, her Lecherous husband has one more trick up his sleeve, so she joins Cindy as part of a trussed and topless tableau. Wide-eyed Ariele Cole has a problem: She’s bound and gagged in the clutches of Gigi Varga! Poor Ariele murmurs in distress as Gigi coolly chats on the phone with her boss and sneeringly promised dire consequences for her unwilling guest. So who can blame her for taking revenge when the villainess lies motionless on the floor, wrapped in duct tape? Ariele tickles Gigi’s bare soles mercilessly while the tough lady can only writhe and beg

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