Tied and Tied Again


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 7/15/2017

101 MINUTES - STILL GREAT AFTER ALL THESE YEARS! Here are more dynamic scenes from those Arrow-related Master Rope Magicians down south whose bondages are as inventive and satisfying as ever Just when you think you've seen it all--every possible bondage. These amazing tieup-and-gagup masterminds come up with bondages that are even more interesting and sensible and provocative. This time, it's Jean Casey, a non-commercial, non-glamorous amateur bondagette, who is the cooperating centerpiece of a riveting procession of tied-fast bondages and speech-preventing gaggages. Jean has the absolutely right attitude to absorb these
lovely bondages, even tying herself up when no one else is around to lend
a helping knot. Be warned--this program is almost three decades old, faded and
glitched in spots, but still overwhelmingly worthwhile to serious bondage buffs.

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