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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 11/1/2019

EE-10 75 Minutes
Why is Cindy Ashton kneeling bound, gagged, and blindfolded? Because this sultry vamp has been playing around with a married man, and sister-in-law Desiree Marceau has decided to teach her a lesson! But before the day’s over, both ladies have been ensnared by the erring husband. Desiree must endure being taunted and tickled by Cindy, before they writhe hogtied while the amused cad looks on. Left bound in a bathtub so he can head off to future conquests, the rivals work to free each other - but only one escapes to pursue the villain. Exotic temptress Kalani makes a riveting solo bondage debut under the guidance of Eliot Shear. First, she struggles spiritedly in bright red dress and sandals, then sits topless and trussed in a chair, desperately trying to grasp a phone with her perfect toes. Wearing a tight leopard-skin mini-dress, a toe-tied Kalani revives memories of the classic bound and gagged jungle heroine. In a unique finale, beautiful and bare-breasted Taylor St. Clair is progressively roped into a very, very strict hogtie by Kristine Imboch. A thin cord connects Taylor’s toes to the ring atop her harness ball gag!

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