Tied for First Place


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 1/15/2017


60 Minutes - Directed by Loren Chance

The contestants of beauty pageants are known to be fiercely competitive, but the ladies in this story take it to a new level. Jessica Claira sneaks into the home of competitor Jenny McKay to discover her plans for the talent part of the contest, so she can outdo her. Tanya Danielle is up to the very same mischief, and when the two bump into each other, Jessica ends up bound to the living room furniture! Tanya continues snooping, but is discovered by Jenny, who ties her up and goes off to the contest alone. Will Jessica and Tanya get free of their bondage in time to make it to the pageant? The story features bound bare feet, stockinged feet, high heels, and opentoed shoes. It is followed by vignettes of Talia Monet, Jessica Claira, and Margarite Laroux."

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