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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 5/7/2017

GB-6 "TIGHT TREAT" 90 Minutes - Starring Marti, Maricela
Bonus-time here with brief scenes from his five previous GB videos just to showcase his bondage genius to the yet unconverted. Then, he interviews super sexy and ultra-chesty blonde Marti about being tightly bound and gagged--then tightly binds and gags her! Lots of leather cuffs, straps, ballgags and on-camera multi-layered gags, e.g. a sponge ball is inserted into her mouth, tape is applied over her lips and then gauze is wrapped around her head over and over again! Then come two delicious scenes with beautiful brunette Maricela, featuring a dramatic hogtie while she is hooked to ring bolts in the floor and a tad of layer-gagging and a special leather blindfold. Bondage lovers will love Dominic Wolfe's bondages!

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