Trouble in Room 112


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 1/15/2017

"Trouble In Room 112"


60 Minutes
In a reprise of her role as Cassidy's hotel maid, Eve shines as she alternately causes and gets into trouble! High powered executive Cassidy Bryce, recognizing maid Eve as the one who stole her jewelry during her last stay at this hotel, immediately takes charge. But, an exchange of power occurs when Eve decides this little, blonde fluff of a businesswoman is no challenge for her when it comes to bondage. Eve was wrong, wrong, wrong! Cassidy's ready to play hard-ball too -- and Eve ends up bondaged and ballgagged. A short story features Chelsea Pfeiffer, who is challenged to perform her infamous 6-minute hogtie on Cassidy. Does Chelsea live up to her reputation? When Cassidy ends up thoroughly hogtied and gagged on the floor -- whether or not it was actually accomplished in 6 minutes takes second place to the beautiful blonde on the floor, hogtied and having her stockinged feet tickled mercilessly by both Chelsea and Jewell Marceau!

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