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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 5/6/2017


35 Minutes


Legal secretary Kitty Delaney doesn't hear two pairs of high-heel shoes sneaking up behind her...
until it's too late! Bound to her chair, she is interrogated as to the location of a file she's never
even heard about. The unconvinced criminals search the office unsuccessfully.
In their attempt to wring information out of Kitty, she is bound over the desk, ball gagged on the floor,
relieved of her blazer, her skirt, her shirt...Finally clad in only lingerie and hot rod heels,
Kitty's left in a remote hideout with the masked mastermind of the break-in.
Her struggles, squirming and whimpers are dismissed by the stranger,
who leaves her alone long enough for Kitty to escape and discover the secret of her captor.

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