Who Took the Bride?


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CAST: Unknown


RELEASE DATE: 7/20/2017

FOLLOWING DESCRIPTION WRITTEN BY DIRECTOR & CO-STAR CHELSEA PFEIFFER The ceremony is about to begin, and our heroine is admiring her gown in the mirror one last time. Sara (Whitney Prescott) is a happy bride on her wedding day...but! In walks Cassandra, the groom's jealous "Ex". Cassandra (Cassie Dark) binds Sara in full bridal regalia-then zips her off to "storage" in the garage while Cassandra hones in on the heartbroken groom... who believes he's been jilted. Fortunately for the betrothed Chelsea came to see the wedding, and she figures out Cassandra's plot Chelsea binds the selfish ex-girlfriend in four rigorous positions before Cassandra reveals bride's whereabouts The bondages: In wedding gown & veil, Whitney is bound seated on a stool, her wrists attached co her knee ropes, her mouth sealed with a big red tape gag. She is then post-tied in the garage, clothed in her bridal corsetry. Cassandra is chair-tied with a tape gag; then hogtied wearing a knotted scarf cleave gag. The final two bondages show the process of gagging: first she's tied bent over on stool, her mouth packed & then wrapped with sports tape; then Cassandra's bound to a door with her hands over her head her mouth is packed and then covered with a black tape gag. Don't pass up this special wedding of beauties and bondage.

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