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CAST: Vivian Blaine, Sklya Rae, Liberty Lace, Kristine Imboch, Bobbie Tawse, Devin Demoore, Samantha Dane


RELEASE DATE: 7/22/2017

Wrap It Up! (FF-7) 45 Minutes -
Lovely Vivan Blaine finds herself cocooned in black plastic from ankles to shoulder, then is sheathed in blue to Aaron James' bedpost while Skyla Rae is roped and sheet-wrapped on the bed. Busty Liberty Lace gags herself and binds her legs with black PVC tape before she offers you the tape to finish the job. Kristine Imboch and Bobbie Tawse are snugly enclosed in black plastic and duct-taped together in a very hot scene, and Devin Demoore is encased in pink plastic wrap while Samantha Dane wriggles hogtied in handcuffs at her feet.

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